La Victoria Taqueria

847 Main Street, Redwood City, CA 94063

What makes us different from the plethora of Mexican-oriented cuisine choices throughout California? La Victoria – better known by our loyal followers as “LaVic’s” – did not become one of the, if not the, go-to place in the South Bay by chance or luck.

Our approach to an intensely authentic Mexican and Mexican-American experience begins with our Orange Sauce, available nowhere else on the planet. Offered to accompany all of our unique menu items, the Orange Sauce represents a secret family recipe at home on the plates of meat lovers as well as vegans alike, often imitated, as we like to say, but never duplicated. Perhaps most interesting of all is that this special sauce is injected and infused with the same burning passion and love that drives the individuals who routinely make it.

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What began in the most humble of roots as a small family business has evolved into what many call a South Bay icon, serving the best tacos, burritos and much more since we opened our doors in 1998 in San Jose. We have grown to open five distinct locations, including our Redwood City store at 847 Main Street.

And while our Orange Sauce is what La Vic’s is renowned for, there is nothing you will not find on our creative menu – from a bursting-with-flavor Breakfast Burrito to a classic Carne Asada Super, or even our delicately-made tacos. Routinely labeled “incredibly tasty” by the legions of LaVic’s aficionados and served absolutely fresh at all times of the day, our award-winning cuisine will not only melt in the mouth of discriminating foodies but will fly in the face of conventional dining for a vital reason:The price is right.

If you are one of the few that have not had an opportunity to sample La Victoria Taqueria, do yourself a favor and get down to one of the five locations – now including Redwood City – in the Bay Area to order anything on the menu…but whatever you do, don’t forget to ask for the Orange Sauce!

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  • Redwood City, CA, 94063

    847 Main Street

    Hours: MONDAY: 9:00 am - 10:00 pm

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    Phone: 650-366-1070