Spießerei in the bullerei

The young wild Tim Mälzer opened his restaurant directly in our neighborhood some time ago. At first, the project was eyed a little suspiciously. A gourmet temple in the hill? Gentrification is a hot topic in the slightly rockier but all the lovelier and liveable neighborhoods in Hamburg. With power, new construction projects are being pulled up with expensive condominiums, always displacing the same boutiques with Danish designer fashion the resident single-handed and rushing host of tourists at the weekend, the cafes and restaurants. The long-established, left-leaning inhabitants of the district will be completely understandable fear and anxiety (so they can still afford the rents).

Et is how et is. In any case, Tim did not manage that with the restaurant. In a former cattle slaughterhouse a lot of the original walls have been preserved, you can still feel the old, industrial charm of the building. And the name of the restaurant still reminds of the old purpose: "Bullerei". The Bullerei has a bistro and a restaurant. The first one is always very well visited and in the latter one can not do anything without a timely reservation - weeks in advance everything is fully booked. So great that the Bullerei operates in the summer a lively outdoor catering. So you have a chance for a spontaneous visit to a place.

Outside, it is quite rustic too. You sit relaxed on raw-carpeted tables and benches with large pillows or converted school desks with garden chairs and is served by tattooed frolleins and young men. Tré trendy. The audience is pleasantly mixed, studies with Chucks meet outgoing girls on high heels, a few tourists in Jack Wolfskin are passing by and a lot of people from the neighborhood (and we) just want to have a relaxing after-work drink. Everything very cozy. Oh yes, four-legged friends are welcome outside.