28 degree or short break in the South Seas

On tuesday I spontaneously took half a day off and was briefly in the South Seas. After a pleasant travel time of 45 minutes I sat in the blazing sun with my feet in the white sand and let my eyes wander over the glittering water.

Are you taking a short jump?

A glass of rosé goes perfectly with the azure sky, exotic flowers and wooden tubs where flowers float ...

Family Vacation in the South Seas? No problem: the huge, weather-beaten tables are also suitable for large families.

In our Caribbean you do not have to do without delicious pizza, eg with prawns and rucola or with salami for the little ones. An orange - not directly from the tree, but from iconic bottles. Quickly wipe your pout - yummy!

It's amazing that no-one has taken the board out of the sand and swung it onto the nearby waves.

When the sun is slowly moving down to the right you should not sit there with empty glasses. The light plays wonderfully wonderful, e.g. another glass of rosé.

Than Evening was, we unfortunately had to start the return journey. We could have stayed seated forever and watched the light on the water. Yes, there are days when the Elbe looks like well, just the South Seas.

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