In Peacetanbul you feel a bit like being in a 1001 night gazebo version. At the end of the market street in the Karoviertel and directly opposite the Hamburg Fair lies the Peacetanbul and delights with its special charm: Glittering everywhere glass mosaics, sparkle colorful lamps, or add tiles and wallpaper collages to exciting murals. In the best Mr. Kebap tradition (a always full, Turkish restaurant snack on the horse market, which had to close because of core refurbishment and is painfully missed by the hamburgers), these little eye-catchers make the store extremely adorable and comfortable. There is a long row of cinema chairs on one wall, but otherwise the decor is rather simple, with wooden tables and benches. A DJ console provides cool background music in the later evening. People who like it rather cuddly-cuddly, prefer to sit in the front room, daylight affine get the full dose in the attached conservatory (there is also the grayest day bright and colorful).

The kitchen is - as the name half betrays - Turkish/Arabic. There are plenty of delicious dishes, only the really inevitable doner rotisserie and "shaver" can not be found here. If you want kebab "with everything", you better go somewhere else. But if you want to get to know the other sides of the Turkish cuisine, is in Peacetanbul just right. On the permanent menu are small, freshly roasted skewers of lamb, chicken or beef, spicy soups, stews, stewed meat and vegetable dishes and the great Peacetanbul salad. There are also daily changing offers.

If you are lucky, you will be served in the afternoon by the daughter of the house, a delightful four-year-old mouse in a pink dress, which, under the supervision of her amused dad, extremely conscientious and concentrated glasses and smaller plates served. And since in Peacetanbul you know exactly how kids are ticking, you are extremely flexible in responding to the sometimes strange dining wishes of little guests. "Ah, you want some chips with a bit of rice and half a kofte? And half of Köfte should be exactly between rice and fries? No problem, we'll make you. "What can I say: My son loves Peacetanbul. The man, too, by the way.

A classic on the menu - and our absolute favorite - is the starter plate with ever-changing, homemade vegetarian delicacies. It is offered as a "small" and "big" version and is like a surprise bag: you never know what's coming, but every now and then, you're happy about the colorful, exciting compilation. Classics include stuffed grape leaves and feta cheese in puff pastry, as well as more unusual creations with walnut, lentils, celery, beetroot, wheat and other vegetables and grains. Suddenly vegetables that are otherwise not on the family hit list are likeable.

Add a small skewer of lamb and a nice glass of wine or Ajran ... and you feel like a sultan in a fairy tale Scheherazade treatment - very peacefull.

Karolinenstr. 14 + 15,
20357 Hamburg
Tel. 040 5945877

Open: Mon - Thu: 16:00 - 24:00 Fri: 16:00 - 2:00
Sat: 12:00 - 2:00
Sun : closed
No lunch table during the summer monthsThe opening times are occasionally made a bit more flexible. So call and ask, otherwise you sometimes face closed doors.