Blankeneseer Perle: tapas bar Filón

Tapasbar Filon Hamburg Blankenese The nice mom of a dear friend is (longed for) finally moved to Hamburg and has, like Chance plays so, first taken in Blankenese apartment. So it happens that in the last few weeks it has also taken me there and there. Like last Friday. Actually, we only wanted to deliver the car to Mama for a short time and then quickly scurry back to the home district with the public transport. This then became a 3-hour stroll through Blankenese including Treppenviertel. The weather was gray, damp and windy - real Hamburg schietwetter with the incomparable horizontal drizzle. Therefore, only a few people were traveling. And that was a special charm. As a city center plant in Hamburg you can not save yourself from people mostly. There are people everywhere, always, at any time of the day - loud and much. How great to see the wide gray sky with seagulls over the moving wide river, strolling through alleys with old pilot yards and better mansions, occasionally wandering past a container ship - of course, with a darkly hooting ship's horn. The wind blows sharp around the nose, the hairstyle messed up and just shoo away the stress. A mini holiday in the suburb.

Eventually we got hungry (the Elbe brings sea air, ne) and my girlfriend has purposefully directed me to a tiny little house. Painted in the best Spanish terracotta and top with white wood paneling, right across from the tiny village cinema and a linen store: the tapas bar Filón.

We were the only guests due to the weather and the time of day (heia!). After a short struggle, whether "inside or outside", we decided on a table inside right next to the window. We are tough - but wet food goes too far. On balmy nights, it must be extremely cozy to sip Spanish candlelight under the old trees by candlelight.

The menu changes every day, because in Filón tapas are freshly prepared in the mini-kitchen in the morning. No convenience - all homemade stuff. We opted for the mixed tapas for 2 people. We were recommended the red house wine. I rummaged through the menu for a bit, because after this special afternoon I was somehow looking for more than just a dry, red used wine. The service was so convinced of the quality of the house filling that we ordered two glasses of it. Positive surprise! The house wine (with house label) offers a lot of body and multi-layered taste at absolutely low price. A great start.

Nice detail: On each table there is a glass with a special herbal salt mixture for tasting. Of course, you can also buy the vials locally.

Blankeneseer Perle: tapas bar Filón

While we waited for our tapas selection and enjoyed the view of the empty village street, one could tell from time to time that we were in Blankenese. There was, for example, the couple dressed in Burberry in the late-good-looking 50's, who found themselves in front of the showcase with the tapas. They were very interested in the catering (ie the home delivery of food for festive occasions). The color of the dishes was in the foreground. When would hopefully deliver on white porcelain plates? Oh, in brown clay bowls. Well, then you have to decant.

Blankeneseer Perle: tapas bar Filón

And then came our tapas.In addition, good, fresh bread.

I was very excited about the quality of the small dishes. All had a special touch and were very finely tuned. The word "Bauernküche" does not even come to mind. There was nothing sturdy but only high quality ingredients that were crafted and made with passion.

Blankeneseer Perle: tapas bar Filón

Filón also offers special cultural value events. Just call, get informed and book a table:

Am Kiekeberg 1a
22587 Hamburg
040 866 46 746

Opening Hours:
Mon-Fri 12am - 12pm
Sat 11am - 12pm
Sun 2pm - 11pm