{Digital} Happy Birthday sisterMAG! The Journal for the Digital Lady is celebrating its 3rd birthday.

sisterMAG - the magazine for the digital lady celebrates a teddy bear A reason to celebrate! sisterMAG - the journal for the digital lady has just received the anniversary edition no. 17 published. For three years, the two sympathetic sisters Toni and Thea have been working on their idea of ​​their own magazine - with great success, many exciting guest authors and ever-new stories about everything that moves and interests Frolleins in life 1.0 and 2.0. Especially the title photos are always a blast. So much so that this time Ricarda has given the title of the blog from the blog 23qm style. In the current post she tells about the shoot and takes us behind the scenes. Awesome, Ricarda!

And here's the issue no. 17 to scroll and relax. So much is revealed: It's all about "key" with the sections: keyhole "smile" -Emoticon, keys to well-being (spa special and Raw Food), key to success (business women), deciphering (dress codes, cartoons & Serien), locksmiths (locking systems, DIY keyrings) and much more.

Have fun!