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What makes us different from the plethora of Mexican-oriented cuisine choices throughout California? La Victoria – better known by our loyal followers as “LaVic’s” – did not become one of the, if not the, go-to place in the South Bay by chance or luck.

Our approach to an intensely authentic Mexican and Mexican-American experience begins with our Orange Sauce, available nowhere else on the planet. Offered to accompany all of our unique menu items, the Orange Sauce represents a secret family recipe at home on the plates of meat lovers as well as vegans alike, often imitated, as we like to say, but never duplicated. Perhaps most interesting of all is that this special sauce is injected and infused with the same burning passion and love that drives the individuals who routinely make it.

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What began in the most humble of roots as a small family business has evolved into what many call a South Bay icon, serving the best tacos, burritos and much more since we opened our doors in 1998 in San Jose. We have grown to open five distinct locations, including our Redwood City store at 847 Main Street.

And while our Orange Sauce is what La Vic’s is renowned for, there is nothing you will not find on our creative menu – from a bursting-with-flavor Breakfast Burrito to a classic Carne Asada Super, or even our delicately-made tacos. Routinely labeled “incredibly tasty” by the legions of LaVic’s aficionados and served absolutely fresh at all times of the day, our award-winning cuisine will not only melt in the mouth of discriminating foodies but will fly in the face of conventional dining for a vital reason:The price is right.

If you are one of the few that have not had an opportunity to sample La Victoria Taqueria, do yourself a favor and get down to one of the five locations – now including Redwood City – in the Bay Area to order anything on the menu…but whatever you do, don’t forget to ask for the Orange Sauce!

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  • REDWOOD CITY, CA, 94063

    847 Main Street 

    Hours: MONDAY: 9:00 am - 10:00 pm 

    Hours: TUESDAY: 9:00 am - 10:00 pm 

    Hours: WEDNESDAY: 9:00 am - 10:00 pm 

    Hours: THURSDAY: 9:00 am - 10:00 pm 

    Hours: FRIDAY: 9:00 am - 10:00 pm 

    Hours: SATURDAY: 9:00 am - 10:00 pm 

    Hours: SUNDAY: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm 

    Phone: 650-366-1070 




So delicious BUT BE AWARE OF NEW HOURS: 10am to 7pm every day! Remainder of the review is to meet length requirements.Not open until 10pm like Yelp suggests. Arrived at 9pm today to find them closed for the day. Upon their window: a sign which informed me that they were open from 10am each morning until 7pm each night.The location itself is not permanently closed like some have suggested, but it does close earlier in the day than posted here.


Rebecca C.

Came here expecting better burritos, but left very underwhelmed. Overall, nothing special...there was a lack in flavor in the burrito. The orange sauce was also watery and had no flavor.Environment:Came here with two of my friends, and we all ordered burritos. Upon first entering, we thought it was strange because there was only three other people inside. The place seemed very empty and dark. The people working also seemed very bored and disengaged. Parking wasn't too hard to find as there was street parking available.~ Carne Asada Burrito (3/5) ~The flavor of the carne asada was very light. The rice was also flavorless. The burrito didn't taste bad, but it definitely didn't leave an impression. Also, I thought the sauce would be amazing (just like everyone says it is), but it definitely didn't live up to my expectations. The sauce was really watery, and also didn't have flavor -- only just spicy and sour. Beans could've been cooked longer as well. The tortilla was very nice though. Service:The guy that took out order was very out of it. When he asked what kind of meat I wanted, I didn't even know what he was saying. It also took a while for our food to be made. They just didn't seem that efficient, considering we were the only ones there at that time too.Last Thoughts:So far, my thoughts are that it's just okay. Nothing too impressive for me at this location, since the burrito didn't have much flavor. Definitely not completely off the charts for me, but probably won't be going back anytime soon.


Em P.

I have always loved La Vic since the my college days in Santa Clara so imagine my excitement to know that there's one 10 minutes away from my new place! I love he super flour burrito with carne asada. The quesadilla is so filling and so incredibly delicious! The meat is flavorful and the tortilla is perfectly crisped. You can't forget about their famous orange sauce -- seriously liquid gold right there! It has medium heat which is just right in my opinion and complements the food. The topper of it all is their customer service. I ordered their food through Postmates that they got all wrong. Of course no one can ever contact Postmates customer service and I've done everything I can to try to fix their mistake, but Postmates is just unresponsive and I am unimpressed with them so I was ready to give up until I threw up a lifeline and called La Vic directly. I explained my situation and they agreed to replace my order. What better customer service than that?! They didn't have to, but I believe they value loyal customers which is why they accommodated me. I am blown away!Good food and even greater customer service! I'm a loyal customer indeed!


Joanna R.

I like what I like and I *really* like this place, which is right by my job and feeds me so often I should have company stock.Their grilled chicken super taco is HEAVEN and I would eat it every single day if I didn't want to weigh 500 pounds. Most delicious goodness you'll have the pleasure of enjoying for under .00. Hey! That's cheap in the Bay Area. If you're reading this and thinking of getting one (or five), make sure it's the grilled and not the shredded chicken. There's a major difference there, trust me.I tried their chips with queso yesterday night on an impromptu visit with husband and they were excellent. Like being at the movies, but better. Love the fresh jalapeños and that pink sauce! Let me tell you about that pink sauce. It should literally be sold everywhere (but they only sell it here). Tastes sooo good on tacos, burritos, or just plain chicken/fish if you're one of those "healthy" people.Obviously this isn't the fanciest restaurant on the planet but I'm here for the eats! Delicioso.


Joe G.

Solid, relatively quick serve Mexican food. The orange sauce is a nice add on to any of the dishes - it does have a medium lingering heat level, which I enjoy. The flour quesadillas are pretty big as Are the fish tacos. Always enjoy their burritos- from the carne asada to the bean, rice, cheese. They have Mexican bottled Coca Cola which is the best if you feel like a soda. Only downer is they charge for refills on their fountain drinks, but I don't drink that much soda so nbd for me.


Michael L.

American Mexican food , mo meat in burrito and fake flavor. No free chips and salsa, chips were out a Costco bag. I won't be ever coming back here again. Sorry


B. B.

La Victoria's Redwood City is garbage. There orange sauce is really good, but if you got mediocre food then it really doesn't do any justice. I ordered a super burrito  and it didn't have much meat. I rated this place 1 star the food isn't as good as the ones in San Jose. They charge .75 for chips and salsa... and it looks like chips they got from Costco and salsa... sour AF!! Never again. There's no authenticity in this restaurant. If you think I'm lying check it out yourself. The only place i know that serves nacho cheese...gtfoh.


Jamie L.

I got the nachos. They were tasty but I didn't expect it to have that fake nacho cheese. I like their burritos, too.


Victor D.

What can go wrong here ?The tradition of  burrito and their signature sauce ... goes back to the roots of making salsa ...jkI mean it's La Vic's - always a place to get a burrito for lunch or dinner with a aftermath taste ...


Erica R.

I usually have an amazing experience at "La Vic's," however, the Redwood City location truly disappointed me.  I ordered alpastor chips and got chicken instead.  The Chips were rancid and disgusting. The orange sauce was still true to its delishness.  If you love La Vics or haven't tried it wait until you're near a San Jose location.  Come on La Victoria, keep your standards up like you keep your prices!


Vivian D.

My husband and I love the nacho fries!!!I also get the super taco which is bomb!! Especially with the orange sauce...we come here pretty often and it is always so yummy!


Kamryn K.

So. I have been hearing about this place before I even moved to the bay area. The infamous orange sauce. Let me tell you - NO DISAPPOINTMENT HERE.First, this place was very clean and empty around 7:30 pm on a Tuesday. The staff was very nice and helpful. I ordered a carnitas quesadilla and got a bottle of the orange sauce.OH MY GOD. Seriously, hands down, the best quesadilla I've ever had in my life. It was crispy, it was filled to the brim with fillings, and the perfect size for a meal. I would eat the meal over and over forever.THE ORANGE SAUCE THO. It's the perfect mixture of spice and sweet and delicious and tang and oh my god I wish I could bathe in it. It's so good! You can also buy bottles of it to take home! Great place and great location in Redwood City - right on the main street.


R C.

I only give w stars because of the La Vic name and orange sauce. We are from the South Bay and the locations there are much better. The super burrito had too much flour tortilla because they slumped on the size. Check in deal was 0% off a can of soda and fountain soda is a rip off. They charge you almost for a cup and then almost a dollar for a refill. Not even 1 free. Def won't be coming back here.


Tony T.

Excellent food, great environment and very nice service. I enjoyed our eat out at this place very much. We ordered the Carne Asada fries. Delicious. Also, this is one of the few Mexican restaurants that has not upset my stomach with the food, so that won me over in a heartbeat! I absolutely loved my short experience here and I would definitely return to this place. But the parking is bad, so two stars. (Jk)


James G.

1. Too pricey2. A bit off from the original"It's alright, not the same, but if I was in the area and really wanted orange sauce I may drop in." -Me


Angel T.

I wish I could give a better review of the food of the ambiance, but I've actually never eaten here even though I've been here twice. Both times, I've come here in the morning and they're not open at 9:45am. It's a very frustrating experience to show up and see the sign that says they're open at 9:30am, but the door is locked and the business is closed 15 minutes after they're supposed opening time. Online it also says they open at 9:30am. Why not change the hours posted to when they're actually going to be serving food?  What a waste of people's time. Somebody needs to get they're act together.


Ahmed K.

Well, I guess I should've listened to everybody else that was complaining about this location. Not like the San Jose one. However I hadn't been to La Vic's in so long, and am never in San Jose I had to get as close as I could. Quality of the food doesn't compare. I ordered a super quesadilla, and might as well have been eating a plain and dry tortilla. There was more tortilla being exposed than meat or cheese on it. Never again will I come to this location. I guess it explains why it was so empty on a Friday night.


Arianna B.

Not impressed. The Hayward location is MUCH much better!! The burritos here were small, the beans were dry and hard, and they're super stingy here! (On sauce and soda refills - you have to pay)12/3/15 we decided to give them another try since their other locations are so good, but once again, we got raw beans (completely uncooked and HARD), dry meat, AND we were charged .30 (can't remember the exact change but it was over ) for a burrito with ONLY beans and rice.


Rick S.

La Victoria- Redwood City Calif.Stopped into La Victoria for a late in the afternoon snack. There were two buddies eating burritos, but otherwise the place was empty. Ordered chicken super nachos. Like many places, this meant a bed of corn tortilla chips, beans, chicken, sour cream, cheese, and salsa.The chips were those commercially produced round type you can find at Safeway or your local movie theatre. The chicken is the shredded type they probably use in other dishes. The cheese was a liquid nacho cheese sauce. The chips are kept on the counter, in a warming rack similar to the popcorn bins at the movies, kept warm with a heat lamp.Overall, the flavor was not bad...but not good either. The "Famous Orange Sauce" Like Tapatio blended with crema. Ummmmm, not a fan myself- but hey, it's famous! The meal was sooo reminiscent of the "do it yourself" nachos" at 7-11. Fresh house made chips would have elevated this into something good!


John E.

La Vic's was not open on 12/23/16 even though the sign stated open til 10 pm!! Wtf!!The lady inside just looked at me like I was crazy when I tried to enter at around 9:30 pm at the door!!!10 pm should mean 10 pm!!

About La Victoria Taqueria and reviewsAbout La Victoria Taqueria and reviews