Kitchen Addition: The new oven

Oven Finally the time has come! I can not get the grin out of my face: MY NEW OVEN HAS ARRIVED! His name is Rommel (sbacher), is natogrey and has exactly three buttons. Rommel's core competence is simple, but very pronounced: he gets hot - and pretty much. Apart from that, he does not offer any bells and whistles, now stands at eye level on the fridge and spreads the charm of a field kitchen.

After work, we unpacked the big box, removed a kitchen cupboard and assigned his new place to kitchen growth. (And all without divorce, mind you.) When we were done, I really wanted to try the oven - waiting was still one of my greater strengths. The best of all men then went out and organized ready-made pizzas at the gas station, which I pushed into the blazing furnace with excitement.

The upper heating coil lights together with the interior lighting home in the mini kitchen, which I quickly converted to the pizzeria Che Mel with two seats. By candlelight and oven light, the man and I ate perfectly baked ready-made pizza. It was very romantic ... And if the oven from a convenience product can bring out so much, then I'm looking forward to home-made. Let's see, maybe I'll be able to make a hearty Tarte Tatin on the weekend - I've been dreaming about that for a long time.