The cookhouse

The Cookhouse

A great tip from my friend Kupfi from Berlin:

"Kochhaus is the first grocery store that consistently focuses on self-cooking and is no longer sorted by product groups but by recipes. At free-standing tables full of fresh ingredients, customers will find everything they need for a particular dish. Divided into starters, main courses and desserts, each for two, four or more people.

The worldwide unique walk-in recipe book offers a constantly changing selection of ingredients for around 20 recipes. At any time there is a selection of appetizers, salads and soups. Various pasta, fish and meat dishes. And of course some sophisticated desserts.
Kochhaus appeals to everyone who enjoys cooking and trying new recipes. From a bloody beginner to an ambitious amateur cook. At the recipe tables hung large colored plates that show at a glance what kind of dish is needed. And everyone gets a step-by-step cooking instruction in pictures home, so that the perfect dinner guaranteed guaranteed. "And there is also a delivery service! That sounds like a great idea. When will that come to Hamburg and other cities?