Call me Mrs. Under-Pressure, win 3 × 1 ticket for my workshop and clean up at the Ambiente.

Quick Cooker with Fissler There's a lot going on today.  This post was created as a promotion in cooperation with Fissler
There is even for a change my pony almost vertical (see above). Profits, Profits, Profits and Great Live Cooking Experience Under Pressure Galore:

# 1: Call me Mrs. Unter-Pressure

Lately, I like to work under pressure - with my pressure cooker. That's why Fissler, the traditional German company in terms of cooking expertise, invited me directly to a great event:

Together with smart Jens von Kochhelden.TV, I'll be at the Ambiente in Frankfurt for 5 days " cooker plug ". In 6 live cooking shows a day, we will show what you can get out of a pressure cooker for the modern, fast and delicious kitchen. There is also a very exciting innovation for the digitally interested ladies and gentlemen among us. I'm not allowed to reveal it here and now - but I love it already now.

My pony will definitely be ironed again before and then we'll be happy about everyone who's on

Fissler Ambiente Announcement Quick Cookware Cooking Shows

# 2: Win 3 x 1 ticket for my workshop "Negotiating Cooperation with Professionals"

Through our ambience planning Fissler became aware of my workshop within the context of BLOGST. We briefly talked about it - what, why, why. Fissler finds blogger training great and has spontaneously offered to buy tickets and provide bloggers for free. There were exactly 3 tickets left - and you can win now! I'm really looking forward to it.

You have to do that to get a ticket to the Workshop on 28.02. in Cologne :
Leave a comment until 9th ​​February, 11:59 pm why you'd like to be part of it. Anyone who has a blog in the areas of food, DIY, lifestyle or weddding can take part. It decides the lot. The legal process is excluded. It will definitely be a very interesting and inspirational round with exciting bloggers!

Addendum: The winners of the tickets are Sophie, Marc and Sabrina . Congratulations, you three! I'm looking forward to seeing you.

Blogger Workhop in Cologne with GourmetGuerilla

# 3: Win one of 5 super-modern pressure cookers, worth 179, - € each at Ambiente.

All Ambiente visitors will have the chance to compete with a Fissler Vitavit in the near future premium healthy, fast and delicious to cook. It's so easy to walk in the Lostopf:
1. Come to the Fissler booth
2. Take a picture of the pressure cooker
3. Share the photo with the hashtag #fast cooking pot on a social media channel ( blog, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter).

You can find the terms and conditions here. The winners will be notified on 20.02.15. I keep my fingers crossed for all bloggers!

Fissler pressure cooker